MT Tremblant Golf Getaway!

I am sure many of you have herd of Mt Tremblant and all it has to offer. I took a quick trip there last year to check it out with Bill Sinclair Nathalie and Annette. I will have to say it is an amazing place on many levels! so much to do from lounging and eating at the many restaurants around Mt. Tremblant Village to Zip lining from the top of Mt Tremblant (not for the faint of heart!). I will have to say it is the best place for a golf getaway with so many other options that I have seen anywhere in Ontario!
My hopes are that we can get a good sized group leave from Toronto, meet up in Ottawa in the afternoon to play one of Ottawas best golf courses (Loch March or Eagle Creek) followed by a BBQ and gathering at my house in the west side of Ottawa. I have tee times booked for 2pm here in Ottawa for Sunday June 28th and then Monday we can drive to Mt Tremblant and play a practice round at Le Bette or Le Diable golf course (both amazing golf courses with awesome scenery!). There are many cheap hotels here in Ottawa close by or we can accommodate about 6-8 here at my house. Accommodations at Mt Tremblant will be Le Grand Lodge which is a beautiful traditional Log resort on the lake with a beach and many things to do.
I think this will be an amazing "Road trip" and a great excuse for many that have hear about Mt. Tremblant to come and check it out with your golf friends, Bring the whole family if you wish! I will bet getting group pricing for golf and accommodations sometime before April 1st. Nathalie and I would love to see many of you come visit us in Ottawa before making our way to Mt. Tremblant.

The idea will be to give people options of how long to stay, the event will be from Tuesday June 30th to Thursday July 2nd! I will have 3-5 night options to choose from by April 1st
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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