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Muskoka Bay
(Singles Event & Net & Gross Skins)

2 Spots Left!
Tee Times start at 2:40pm Saturday
Tee Times 10:40am Sunday
(Every 10 minutes)

Players are required to show up rain or shine. Only the golf course has the ability to cancel an event.

Any group that does not tee off on a par 4 or 5 after the flag has been put in will be subject to a 1 stroke penalty for the whole group. Groups will have a 2 hole grace period to catch up before another stroke penalty will be applied! If the last group plays in under 4:50 minutes all penalties will be waived.
Other Mulligan Tour Rules can be seen here by clicking

If your name is not here and you would like to play please email
and/or call my cell at 613 355-4832

Below is the new rules we will be adding to our Toronto and Major events with the COVID - 19 rules.
  • Players not to show up more than 20 minutes before your posted tee time (30 minutes if range is open)

  • Single rider carts unless you live in the same house or arrived in the same car

  • Courses will not be offering rakes for bunkers, Ball washers and other items that would be touched on a regular basis

  • Closest to pin and long drives will be marked by a piece of paper put in the ground with a golf Tee. (keep adding new papers with name)

  • Following your round no congregating, you can follow our events with live scoring . (

  • After you round is completed please take a picture of your score card and email to (keep original score card for one week)

  • All ties will be resolved by "retrogression" until covid rules are relaxed then 3 hole play offs will decide ties

  • Any monies owed from skins or winnings will be etransfered to you with 24 hours.

(players in red are scoring for the group)

Saturday Practice round Tee Times

  Name  ID H/C Group
1 Brad Walcot HAM180   2:40pm
2 Come Fournier LON016 19 2:40pm
3 Mike Murphy GTA211 14 2:40pm
4       2:40pm
5 Andrew Harasymiw GTA051 27 2:50pm
6 Hattie Blacksmith   24 2:50pm
7 Jack Blacksmith GTA003 26 2:50pm
8 Victor Isidro GTA149 21 2:50pm
9 Bobby Solhi GTA968 17 3:00pm
10 Doran Williams LON249 18 3:00pm
11 Errol Lake GTA214 14 3:00pm
12 Fred Mansoub GTA991 18 3:00pm
13 Brian Leakey GTA002 18 3:10pm
14 Byron Mcquay GTA931 21 3:10pm
15 John Fitzgerald GTA917 13 3:10pm
16 Marshall Sherman GTA025 18 3:10pm
17 Albert Devin GTA836 7 3:20pm
18 Bill Sinclair LON052 11 3:20pm
19 Brant Hilman GTA922 6 3:20pm
20 Matthew Montgomery GTA804 8 3:20pm
21 Dave Farant GTA150 17 3:30pm
22 Leonard Baker GTA609 23 3:30pm
23 Mitch Oldenburgh GTA215 23 3:30pm
24 Rob Clouchiatti GTA147 18 3:30pm
25        3:40pm
26        3:40pm
27        3:40pm
28        3:40pm

Sunday Tournament round Tee Times

  Name  ID H/C Group
1 Andrew Harasymiw GTA051 27 10:40am
2 Victor Isidro GTA149 21 10:40am
3 Jack Blacksmith GTA003 26 10:40am
4       10:40am
5 Albert Devin GTA836 7 10:50am
6 Brant Hilman GTA922 6 10:50am
7 Matthew Montgomery GTA804 8 10:50am
8 Mike Murphy GTA211 14 10:50am
9 Doran Williams LON249 18 11:00am
10 Errol Lake GTA214 14 11:00am
11 Gary Ford HAM156 21 11:00am
12 James Ambursley GTA962 29 11:00am
13 Bobby Solhi GTA968 17 11:10am
14 Fred Mansoub GTA991 18 11:10am
15 Med Khandan GTA992 16 11:10am
16 Shax Mobasher GTA995 16 11:10am
17 Bill Sinclair LON052 11 11:20am
18 Brian Leakey GTA002 18 11:20am
19 Byron Mcquay GTA931 21 11:20am
20 Roy Beresowsky GTA629 7 11:20am
21 Dave Couch GTA213 24 11:30am
22 Dave Farant GTA150 17 11:30am
23 Rob Clouchiatti GTA147 18 11:30am
24       11:30am
25 Leonard Baker GTA609 23 11:40am
26 Mitch Oldenburgh GTA215 23 11:40am
27 Ron Bromley GTA920 23 11:40am
28 Peter Baron GTA618 24 11:40am

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