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Most Common Rules:

  1. Out of bounds options If a player feels he has hit his ball out of bounds from a tee shot or any other shot the options are as follows. Hitting provisional Balls. Once your Ball has passed the point of your lost Ball the provisional Ball will now be the ball in play.
    1) H
    it a provisional ball into play and taking a one stroke penalty from place of where the ball was last hit.
    2) Go to where the group feels the ball went out of bounds and take a drop there and adding 2 additional strokes to their score. Example tee shot out of bounds, no provisional ball hit player would be shooting 4 from the place that the group feels the ball went out of bounds. The drop would be 2 club lengths from any tree line or place that the group stats the ball went out of Bounds) Once a player leaves the Tee Box going back to the last place the ball was hit option is gone.
  2. Lost Ball which is not deemed out of Bounds by the rest of the group. An Invisible red stakes will be on all holes unless already outlined by Red or Whites stakes. The options are as follows
    1) A player can take a drop from 2 club lengths from any tree lines or boundaries that the group feels the ball crossed and take a drop from there. Adding one stroke to your score.
    2) Hitting from the spot where the ball was last hit. Once a player leaves the Tee Box or place the ball was last hit going back to the last place the ball was hit option is gone.
  3. Bunkers and waste bunkers Players can lift, rake and place their ball back in a bunker to ensure that they are not in a foot print or a bunker with little or no sand. If a player does so from a side hill lie he must push the ball into the side of the bunker until it is able to stay the way it was prior to using this rule. If no rakes are around waste bunker players can move there ball from any foot prints or in prints and just place the ball at closest point of relief.
  4. Spike Marks Players can fix any spike marks or imperfections on the greens.
  5. Tramping down rough to improve your lie in the rough. This is NOT PERMITTED and will result in a 1 stoke penalty. Players have one warning of this rule before a 1 stoke penalty is added to your score.
  6. 6 inch tickle permitted on your own fairways,  cleaning the ball not allowed unless deemed a lift clean and place day.
  7. Ready Golf is always enforced to help with speed of play
  8. Retrogression on regular tour events will be the way to resolve ties. Playoffs will be used for first place ties at majors (if extra play allowed)
  9. Slow Play Rule - Any group that does not tee off on a par 4 or 5 after the flag has been put in will be subject to a 1 stroke penalty for the whole group. Groups will have a 2 hole grace period to catch up before another stroke penalty will be applied! If the last group plays in under 4:50 minutes all penalties will be waived.
Mulligan Tour

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(613)  836-9851


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