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chedules 2017

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Toronto Public Golf Tournaments

Congratulations to our 2016 Tour Champions

Albert Devin - Toronto Points Champion
Nick Di Guglielmo  - Toronto Finals Champion
Albert Devin -
National Points Champion
Albert Devin -
National Low Gross Champion
Andrew Harasymiw -
US Open Champion
Jay Bryant - Caribbean Open Champion

All Tour Champs will defend their title (or jacket) for 2017

Toronto Golfers, Come out and play on Tour for the same amount as a regular green fee or less! (not including our $22/player to the Cash Pot). Skins games will also be offered at all our events with an "A" and "B" flight at our larger events.  A "Players Championship" will be offered to all players that have finished in the top 3 of any Toronto Event! This event will be held Sept 2017.


We now offer "Live Mobile Scoring". This gives players the opportunity to enter their scores on mobile phones and see a live leaderboard while playing in our events!

The Mulligan Tour is a competitive fun Tour, (The emphasis is just as much on fun as it is on competitiveness) $22/player does go in the cash pot with the feeling that if you win you should have your day paid for as a result, any more than that we feel could take the fun out of the game! Handicaps are based on your last 6 Tournament rounds with peer review available in our stats (Provided by All majors will be based on all your rounds played that Tour year.

If you have never played on our Tour ...what are you waiting for! No need to be a pro, just an avid golfer.  

The Mulligan Tour will offer formats ranging from 2 person Net Best Balls, Stableford scoring,  singles events  as well as a mid season 2 Day Major and a Ryder Cup! Our end of year 2 day Tour Championship field will be determined by the point leaderboard (players given points pending how they finish). Your points standing will be decided by a player's best 6 rounds played during the Tour season! Keep in mind Mulligan Tour members are eligible to play in events from all chapters of The Mulligan Tour. Closest to pins on all par 3's and 2 long drives with Live Leaderboards! 

If you are not on our mailing list send us an e-mail and we will let you know of future developments and specials for the 2017 season. Hope to hear from you soon!

Chapter Owner:
Brian Leakey:

Phone: 800 552-1130

toronto golf memberships
Toronto Golf Tour Highlightstoronto golf memberships

Live on course mobile scoring

Toronto Players Championship. Players finnishing in the top 3 from any Toronto Tour event will be invited to the Players Championship Sept 2017.

$1/event fee Towards end of Year Top 3 Chapter Leaderboard winners (approx 50%1st, 30%2nd,  20% 3rd) 

$1/event fee Towards Chapter finals Cash Pot. (approx 50%1st, 30%2nd,  20% 3rd) 

National Points Champion wins a Trip to The Florida Open 2017

$20 per entrance fee goes to the Cash Pot!

Florida Open Tour event Mid November 2017 (info coming soon)

Caribbean Open Event January 2018 (2018 info coming in October/November)

2 Day Major July 15,16 at St Andrews Golf Club. (carts, green fees and $35/fee going towards the cash Pot!)

Toronto Chapter Finals September.

National Tour finals At Legends on the Niagara Sept 30, Oct 1 (carts, range, green fees and $35/fee towards the Tour finals cash Pot!)  manages all our handicaps, leaderboards and stats (updated by noon Mondays!)

Free Handicap service for all Mulligan Tour Members (provided by )

Closest to pins on all Par 3's and 2 Long Drives per event!

Optional A & B Skins Games at every event!

3 Tours (Over 50 events) across Ontario to choose from! (1 membership 3 Tours!)

Battle of the Tours - 2 Day Major! All Mulligan Tour Chapter invited (Rebel Creek)

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Toronto Tour Stats

Toronto Golf Schedule - 2017

Tournament Tee Times

Toronto "Major" Chapter Winners

2 Day Major

Toronto Finals


Ed Kwapisz

Mohab Youssef

ED Kwapisz Marshall Sherman


2017 Toronto Champions

Ron Bromley

Royal Ontario
Jarrett Hemmes

Silver Lakes
Frank Concepcion

Rebel Creek
Dave Farant

Angus Glen
Roy Beresowsky & Henry Poon
(Justin Leakey - stand in)

Watsons Glen
Tom Treszow

Royal Woodbine
Tom Treszow

Greg Daws
2 Day Major
Ed Kwapisz
Mark Morisson
Royal Ontario
Bruno Fasetti
Upper Unionville 
Shiva Narine
Woodington Lakes
Bruno Falsetti
Royal Woodbine
Dave Farant
Players Championship
Marshall Sherman
Toronto Finals
Mohab Youssef
Natioanl Finals


Toronto Tournament Schedule 2017
Date Course Format Time Price Register
May 13
Ballantrae Singles event 10:30am **$135.00
May 22
Royal Ontario Singles event 11:00pm $135.00
(Cart Incl.)
May 28 Silver Lakes Singles event
(35% off food menu)
11:30am *$115.00
June 4 Rebel Creek Super Singles
(All Tours)
10:45am **140.00
($25 to Cash Pot)
June 11 Angus Glen
2 Man Net 
Best Ball
8:00am ***155.00
June 18 Cherry Downs Singles event 10:45am **$140.00
June 25 Watsons Glen Stableford 10:30am *$110.00
July 3
Royal Woodbine Singles event 11:45am $130.00
(Cart Incl.)
July 9 Westview Singles event 10:00am **$125.00
($25 to Cash Pot)
July 15 Redcrest 2 Day Major
<Click Here>
11:00am $245.00
(Cart Incl.)
July 16 11:00am
July 30 Lionhead Masters Singles event 10:30am **150.00
Aug 7
Royal Ontario Singles event 10:30am $135.00
Aug 13 Upper Union Singles event 11:15am $135.00.00
(Cart Incl.)
Aug 20 Woodington Lakes
(Old Course)
Singles event 10:10am $120.00
(Cart Incl.)
Aug 25 Rebel Creek Singles event 1:00pm $110.00
 Aug 26 Rebel Creek 2 Day Battle of the Tours 10:30am $235.00
Aug 27 10:30am
Sept 4
Royal Woodbine Singles event 10:15am $135.00
(Cart Incl.)
($25 to Cash Pot)
Sept 10 Ballantrae Players Championship
(Top 3 winners only)
11:00am $135.00
(Cart Incl.)
Sept 16 St Andrews Valley 2 Day Major
<Click Here>
11:00am $260.00
Sept 17 11:00am
Sept 29 Legends on the Niagara
Singles event 12:00pm **$125.00
($20 to Cash Pot)
Sept 30 Legends on the Niagara
National Tour Championships 10:30am **$255.00
($40 to Cash Pot)

Oct 1

Nov 15-21 US Open - Florida - $600US + $100 CAN to Cash Pot
January 2018 Caribbean Open - from  $1545.00

Event Payments

*Includes Range
**Carts and Range Balls
*** Includes Cart, range and Corporate Gift

Courses, Prices & Times subject to change!